Commander League

March 31st – April 21st

Players can participate in up to 2 games per week. Entry for this league is free. Players will earn points for participating in matches, eliminating players and for completing achievements. Pods will consist of 3-5 players only. Each week, 3 new achievements will be selected at random from a list of 50+. In addition to achievements, there are also negative achievements that will be active and change each week. These are designed to keep the game fun for everyone while still allowing you the freedom to play any decks/combos. Once an achievement is earned, it can not be earned again until the next game with the exception of “Eliminating a Player”. 

Achievements Earned
Total Games


Always Active Achievements

  • Participation 1pt : Take part in a Commander League game.
  • Victory 1pt : Eliminate a player. (If a player mills out, the point goes to whoever is forcing the final draw, if no one is, the point goes to whoever was the last to move a card from that player’s library to another zone.)
  • Infinite Combo -Xpt : Perform a series of spells, abilities, and/or triggers more than four times in one turn. Lose one point for each iteration after the fourth.

Weekly Rotation Achievements

  • Klepto 1pt : For each opponent, control a permanent that player owns.
  • Donate 1pt : Cause an opponent to gain control of a creature you own and control.
  • Resource Management 1pt : Deal exact lethal non general damage to a player. (Infect damage that brings a player to exactly 10 poison counters counts, as does damage dealt by a general that brings a player to 0 life. Damage that uses an effect to make a player lose doesn’t count.)
  • Secret Achievement 1pt : Each player will have 1 secret achievement each time they play a league match. Secret Achievements will be drawn at random.
  • No Time For Anyone Else -Xpt : Take more that two turns in a row. Loose 1 point for each turn after the second.