Standard League

  • Week 1: $15 Entry, Start with 3 different Standard Legal boosters. Build a 30-card deck, making sure to include 12–13 lands.
  • Weeks 2–4: You may add 1 additional booster from a Standard set.
  • Bonus: If your deck receives a third loss, you may add cards from 1 additional booster.
  • Adding Packs: You must add 1 pack from each set before adding one of the same set. EX: If you start with a Kaladash pack, you can not add another Kaladesh pack until you add a pack from each other set.
# of Packs
Total Games
Aaron West11572237
Joe Werner 1991827
Mark Kikta Sr.741118
Casey Miller581015
Ross Chrisman1789
Andrew Jakuszeit1246
Taylor Hutchinson 0333
Chris France0222

Prizes for League

2P: 3/1
3P: 3/2/1
4P: 3/2/2/1
5P: 4/2/2/1/1
6P: 4/3/2/1/1/1
7P: 4/3/2/2/1/1/1/
8P: 4/3/2/2/2/1/1/1
9P: 4/3/3/2/2/1/1/1/1
10P: B/5/4/3/2/2/1/1/1/1/