GrimDark Campaign Series: Battle for Bericon

Round 1

July 3rd – 9th
  • Army Power level of 50 max
  • Only Patrol Detachments are allowed for this mission
  • One detachment may be used per army
  • Night Fight Battlezone Rules are in effect

Round 2

July 10th – 16th
  • Army Power Level of 50 max
  • One detachment per army but not limited to Patrol detachment

Round 2

July 17th – 24th
  • Army Power level of 100 max
  • 2 Detachments may be selected but no more than 2
  • Duplicate Detachments are permitted
Command Points
Battle Points
Matt LudwickChaosAttack30
Matt LudwickOrksAttack00
Jacob LudwickDark EldarAttack0-1
Jake KoppenChaosAttack1-3
Ben BuggNecronsAttack36
Simon IngramChaosAttack02
Jeff ShumayDark AngelsDefend0-4
Jeff ShumayDark AngelsDefend30
Gilberto RiveraImperium ADefend02
Gilberto RiveraImperium BDefend25
Carlos RoblesSpace MarinesDefend11
Nate RunyonNecronsDefend33
Matt - OrksCarlos - Imperium
Matt - ChaosGilberto - Imperium A
Jacob - Dark EldarNate - Necrons
Ben - NecronsJeff - Dark Angels
Simon - ChaosJeff - Dark Angels
Jake - ChaosGilberto - Imperium B